Noble Services Inc.Noble Services Inc. is a fast and reliable process serving company located in Fort McMurray, Alberta serving the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.

With three year’s experience in the process serving industry, our goal is to provide our Canada wide customers with the reassurance of knowing that once their documents are in our hands, every effort is made to provide an efficient quality service.

We keep our clients informed as to the status of effecting service on the requested individual(s), reporting all relevant information retrieved and all attempts made. We extend all efforts to obtain detailed investigative information for our clients so as to ensure that, should effecting service on the individual be impractical such as in incidents where the individual is deliberately evading service, our clients are provided with enough information and evidence wherever possible to obtain an Order for Substitutional Service.

We are knowledgeable as to the requirements for effecting service pursuant to the Alberta Rules of Court that came into effect as of November 1, 2010, and consider it an obligation to provide the best quality of process serving from the time the documents are placed in our care until we send the Affidavit of Service to you.